Hundred Homes Publishing

Hundred Homes Publishing was founded in 2009 by David Dykstra of Mercer Island.

Lake Washington 130 Homes, 180 pages, is the publisher’s first book and the first printing was released August 5, 2009. The book contains color photographs, stories and statistics of 130 of Lake Washington’s most magnificent mansions and estates. It is a guided waterfront tour of Seattle’s Madison Park, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Medina, Hunts Point and Yarrow Point with 21, 32, 6, 41, 25, and 5 estates respectively. The stories and statistics of each estate are creatively woven with current and historical information about the homes, owners and area. Numerous color photographs make everything come to life.

Prior to computers and the Internet public personal information was buried in archives. Now that this information is easily accessible, Internet sites are publishing public personal information along with satellite photographs and the location of people’s homes. This will be the first book-in-print with a similar format but the book will have waterfront, instead of satellite, photographs.

Lake Washington 130 Homes will be for anyone who: (1) has been to, plans to go to or knows someone in the Seattle area; (2) has a fascination with unique homes of the rich and famous; or (3) likes to read about celebrities and community leaders. It is a must-have guide book for anyone cruising or boating on Lake Washington.


KING 5 Evening Magazine
Channel 5 (105 HD)
Three times the show has featured Dykstra and the Evening Magazine crew taking and filming the 130 Homes tour.  If you missed it or don’t have it on your DVR you can view it here.


2009-2010 – Start Seattle Mansions blog featuring new homes, listings, sales, owners in the news, book updates, etc.

2010 – Start Lake Washington Cruising blog featuring information for personal/private boaters and charter cruises on Lake Washington.

2011 – Start Pontoon Boats on Lake Washington blog featuring Dykstra's new boat, "Happy Hours."


May 2010 – Begin cruise-tours with Anchor Bay Charters featuring the book.

2011 – Expand “Map of the Stars” cruise programs to include a variety of charters and private boats. Please contact David Dykstra (206-232-7758 or if your group or club would like a unique and memorable event.

2011 – Purchased pontoon boat, “Happy Hours.” Started blog featuring the boat.

2012 – Produced video featuring Little Big Town’s hit song “Pontoon” with highlights including water skiing, extreme tubing, viewing homes and parties. The video has 300,000 views from 175 countries.

2011 – 2014 Happy Hours boating parties include Seafair, UW sail-gating, 4th of July, Andrews Bay plus wine, beer and snacks while viewing LW 130 Homes Map of the Stars.

Book Signing – Author Appearances

Most events have been for private clubs and groups. Please contact David Dykstra (206-232-7758 or if your group or club would like a unique and interesting progam. A typical presentation is less than 30 minutes with a brief multimedia introduction, discussion about my experiences in writing and producing this “unauthorized” tour (armchair or on-the-water) of the all the Seattle area’s billionaires’ homes. Most of the program is a Q&A session.

Seattle Boat Show Late January and/or Early February

Lake Washington 130 Homes was a Seattle Boat Show “Best Selling Book” at the 2010-2014 shows. The Boat Show has been in late January and early February of each year and will be for the foreseeable future. Dykstra was at the 2010-2014 shows signing copies of LW 130 Homes, playing on HDTV a multi-media presentation of the Evening Magazine segment on the book plus the book’s highlights. Books were available for purchase and he was signing them along with having an informal Q&A including his experiences in photographing the mansions and writing and self publishing this unique book. The table and exhibit were at Captain’s Nautical Supplies booth – Concourse 2240. We will be at the same place in 2015.